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Fic: My Pet Harry

Title: My Pet Harry (Chapter 1)
Author: aiben
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: S/H, AD/H, Death Eaters/H
Warnings: AU (sort of), bondage, cross-dressing, besitiality, semi non con, toys, and anything else I decide to throw in
Summary: "For the cause" Harry becomes Snape's pet.

Harry had been getting depressed. It was all good and dandy to say that he was the one to defeat Voldermort, but no one had come up with any plan to get him anywhere near the bastard. So, Harry was feeling actually a bit cheerful as he went to his meeting with Dumbeldore. Perhaps there was finally some sort of plan.
When Harry got there he found that he was not the only one attending this meeting. Snape was there too. Harry gave Snape a nasty look before taking a seat.
“Harry, after much thought Severus and I have come up with a plan to get you close to Voldermort.”
“Brillant!” said Harry enthusiastically.
“Now not so fast Harry my boy. The plan that we have come up with will get you close to Voldermort, but it will take innumerable sacrifices that Professor Snape and I are not comfortable asking you to take.”
“Oh Professor Dumbeldore please tell me. I want to know.”
“Harry, no, no, it’s just to much.”
“Please I’ll do anything.”
“Alright. As you know Professor Snape is a double agent. Voldermort often hosts these special followers for his most loyal followers and their pets.”
“Young usually boys, but sometimes girls, either Muggles or Squibs, who are forced to submit to their masters will usually in a sexual sense,” said Snape casually.
“So the plan would be to disguise you and make you Severus’ pet. Eventually Voldermort would become interested in you and use you for himself giving you the perfect opportunity.”
“I don’t know.”
“Of course Harry. We knew you would never do it, but you asked for the plan--”
“I’ll do it.”
“Now don’t be rash.”
“I’m not being. I’m going to do it.”
“My boy. My boy. It is a wonderful sacrifice you’re making.”

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