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FIC: "Daddy, Teach Me..."--Part One

Title: “Daddy, Teach Me..."
Author: confessionssmut
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Disclaimer: I do not own…
Warnings: Incest, yaoi, m/m, slash, pedophilia (Lucius around 36 and Draco is eleven), anal, oral, fingering, shouta, obscene use of drumsticks, first-time, rimming
Summary: Draco wants to know about sex…
A/N: This is completed...Part Two is next.

Part One: Young and Learning

Lucius was lounging on alone on his bed, his robe opened wide to expose his perfect body. His long lean legs were bare and stretched out, his silver mane was glowing in the moonlight, and part of his cock was peeking out from behind the thong that he wore. He was comfortable laying there and thinking about nothing while lightly caressing his limp penis through the silky material that it hid behind.

That was until he heard the almost silent pitter-patter of feet coming down the hall.

Not even bothering to cover himself, Lucius waited patiently for his door to open slightly and for his son’s head to come from around the door. Even at eleven his son still had nightmares about beasts under the bed and would often take the short journey between his and Lucius’ room to cuddle. They happened with more frequency as Lucius’ wife divorced him for her cousin, Sirius Black.

Smiling slightly as the door creaked open and seeing the blond head appear, Lucius said, “Come in, Draco.”

Draco smiled brilliantly and pushed the door all the way open to reveal himself fully. Unlike any other night that Draco had appeared at his door, he was wearing a skimpy pair of night-shorts that exposed his long graceful legs and a t-shirt that was large but barely reached his bellybutton. Walking over, Draco stopped beside the bed where Lucius laid.

“I had another dream.” Draco whispered, his head tilted down and looking at the floor.

Pausing only for a moment, Lucius asked, “Would you like to stay here tonight, Draco?” Smiling magnificently once again, Draco nodded in fervor. “Well come on then.” Lucius responded, scooting over and patting the space he left behind. Eagerly Draco climbed up beside the older man and snuggled up, pressing his barely clad body against Lucius’.

Sighing in pleasure as smooth skin slid against smooth skin, Lucius wrapped an arm around the boy, pulling him closer so that he could feel the lump that Draco’s genitals made. Lucius had secretly desired his only son from the moment he turned nine and asked him if it was normal if the thing between his legs became hard. He had explained that every man goes through it and then before he could explain anymore, Draco had left leaving Lucius to find drops of dried semen on Draco’s bed the next morning. In the following days he found Draco’s seed dried in the bathroom, the pool, splattered against the wall in the living room, and surprisingly in Lucius’ own bed. He could only imagine the boy kneeling on the bed, his fly undone and his small erection sticking out, and rubbing it until he spilled his essence all over his red silk sheets.

Biting back a moan at the imagery, Lucius combed his hand through the boy’s hair. Draco was so soft and small, and fitted perfectly against his body.

“Daddy, I’m hot.” Draco said, breaking the deafening silence. And with that the younger one sat up and quickly pulled off his shirt, leaving him only in those small shorts. Lucius tried to relax as more skin was exposed to him but his dick came alive anyway. Thinking that Draco wouldn’t notice it if he wasn’t obvious, he didn’t move to cover his half-hard penis. Instead he blatantly watched as his son stretched, young muscles becoming more evident, and laid back down beside him. Once again he wrapped an arm around the boy, and slightly smiled as his son pressed his own groin against him.

“Daddy?” Draco whispered, his breath ghosting over one of Lucius’ nipples.

“Yes, Draco?” He replied, running his hand up and down Draco’s spine.

“How do men have sex with other men?” The question threw Lucius, who stared down at his son with his mouth hanging open. His cock twitched at Draco’s words and he could feel his thong become tighter around his dick. When Lucius didn’t respond immediately, Draco looked up, his eyes wide with slight confusion. “How do they do it, Daddy?”

Licking his lips and spreading his legs slightly to try and ease the ache, Lucius said, “Well there are several ways men have sex with other men.” Thinking that was enough he stopped but his son look expectantly at him he continued. “Well, one way is to do it with your mouth.”

“Mouth?” Draco asked, brows furrowed.

“Yes. They wrap their mouth around their partner’s penis and give pleasure. They can also put their tongue in the other’s anus—”

“You mean the hole in your butt?” Draco asked.

“Yes.” This was getting too much for Lucius. It was so awkward yet it was incredibly arousing to be telling Draco about what one does with ones mouth. “They lick—”

“I’ve already had something up my anus.” Draco said proudly as he interrupted. Lucius’ heart dropped. ‘He’s not a virgin! I’ll kill the damn bastard!’ He thought violently, his arms tightening around the boy. “You know the drum set that you bought me?” Lucius nodded. “And I kept on telling you that I need new drumsticks,” Seeing where this was going he nodded again. “I told you I lost them all. I didn’t really lose them, I was putting them in my anus.” Lucius’ cock jumped at the proclamation relieved that he was still a virgin.

“But I bought you four sets…”

Blushing, Draco buried his head in his father’s shoulder, “I would put bath oil on them an put them all up my butt.”

“All?” Lucius gasped, the image of Draco on all fours on his bed sticking drumsticks up his ass was lovely.

“Yep! I looked in the mirror once after I was done making my hard penis soft and bent over. My anus was spacious enough for me to put my whole hand into me!” Draco was excited and in more ways than one. His cock was stiff and was pressing against Lucius’ thigh.

Smirking slightly, Lucius leaned down and whispered, “Would you like to show Daddy how you spread yourself with your drumsticks?”

Draco smiled but then frowned. “I don’t have my sticks though.”

Moving a hand to caress Draco’s bare thigh, he whispered, “Use your fingers, my boy. They’ll do nicely.” Giving Lucius a smile, he wiggled out of his shorts leaving him as naked as the day he was born. He could see no hair on the boy’s balls or on the base of his cock, in fact he was practically hairless. And, oh, his penis was small and erect, protruding from the boys groin and seemed to be calling to him. “Straddle me, son, but face my feet with your head between my legs.” Smiling, Draco complied and nestled his face in his father’s groin. Curiosity seemed to get the best of him, so Draco slowly pulled the thong down so that his father’s penis sprang forth.

Lucius could not see what his son was doing, for the only thing he could see was the slightly stretched entrance that seemed to be leaking…oil. Moaning he realized that before his son had come he had been fucking himself on drumsticks. Changing his plans, Lucius spread the ass cheeks wider and licked the crack with one broad stroke of his tongue.

“AHH!” Draco yelled, his head falling forward onto Lucius’ cock, dampening Draco’s hair with pre-cum. “Oh, daddy…”

Blowing on the wet path, the elder said, “Take my cock in your hands, boy, and play with me.” Draco looked back at him over his shoulder, biting his lip in hesitation before turning around and studying the rigid instrument. Gently the young blond encircled the raging erection in his small hand barely covering a third of the large dick and began to slowly run his hand up and down the length.

“Your so big, daddy!” Draco exclaimed, eyes wide as he turned slightly to look at his father.

Groaning slightly, Lucius bucked his hips into the other’s hand while grabbing at his hips to pull the pert ass closer to his face. Without a second thought, Lucius pierced Draco’s body with his tongue. The boy bucked, his hand convulsing around Lucius’s prick as he swiped his wet muscle over the inside of his body. Smiling into the boy’s ass as he slowly ate away at him, Lucius pulled Draco up so that he was sitting on Lucius face. From this position Lucius no longer had to stretch slightly to reach the small pucker, instead he rested his head on the pillow and slowly devoured his son.

It was a sight to see if anyone had come through the door. Lucius Malfoy was on his back, his cock hard and leaking, with his son straddling his face who was clutching away at his own cock. Draco was quivering with need as the tongue continued to lave away at his anus. Fervently pulling at his small cock, he spilled his seed all over his father’s chest.

“DADDY!” He yelled, his anal muscles tightening around the tongue inside of him.

Smirking, Lucius gave his son’s sweet ass one last lick as he thought to himself, ‘It’s time for him to impart his virginity unto me.’

With a stroke of his own cock, Lucius readied his mind for what was to come…

End Part One of Two…
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