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FIC: "Daddy, Teach Me..."--Part Two---Licking, Thrusting, Sucking

Title: “Daddy, Teach Me…”
Author: confessionssmut
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Warning: pedophilia, shouta, slash, M/M, yaoi, oral, anal, fingering, hand-job, obscene use of drumsticks, minor, first-time, incest, fisting, rimming.
Summary: Draco wants to know about sex…
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: This is the second part of two. Do forget I’m taking recommendations for fics! Also, I think Lucius gets a little more forceful when highly aroused… :D Also, I don't have a beta. I tried to get as many of the mistakes as possible so I apologize ahead of time for any error.

Part One

Part Two: Licking, Thrusting, Sucking...

—Two Days Later—

Lucius was sitting behind his desk in the study, trying to concentrate on the work set out before him but his mind kept drifting back to the night Draco had come into his room. After his son’s rather explosive orgasm, he had fallen asleep, leaving Lucius with an aching erection and no way to alleviate it. No matter how much he wanted to plunge into that sweet little ass he would not do so when the boy wasn’t awake for it. Ever since that night Draco hadn’t returned to Lucius’ room and had taken to running around in his small briefs and a t-shirt. Once he had seen Draco bending over, his soft cotton underwear gathered inbetween his ass cheeks exposing his two globes, and had almost whipped out his cock, pushed the boy down, and rode him.

Groaning at the imagery, Lucius slid a hand to grip his groin tightly in his hand. It was somewhat satisfying to rub his stiff member but he did not lose the desire to fuck his son. Leaning back in his chair, he undid the fly of his pants and pulled his aching erection from the folds. Slowly running the pads of his fingers up the underside of his dick he recalled images of Draco to bring him pleasure.

The tiny erection.

The stretched anus.

The smooth expanse of pale skin.

Moaning, Lucius fisted his cock. Roughly he began to masturbate as he closed his eyes enjoying the onslaught of naughty memories that came to mind.


Stiffing at the sound of that young voice, Lucius spilled his seed out onto his lap. “Uggg…” Milking his cock of the last of his semen, he turned in the chair so he could see his son. Standing quite innocently a few feet away was Draco, meagerly clothed in a tight t-shirt and briefs. He could see the eleven year olds tiny hard organ making a small lump inbetween his legs. Brushing his fingers over his sensitive flesh, Lucius asked, “Is there something I can help you with, Draco?”

Biting his lip, the boy shuffled closer, his eyes lingering on Lucius’ flaccid penis. “Can I sit with you while you work?” Nodding at the odd request, Lucius was about to stuff his prick back into his pants when he felt small hands grip at his thighs and Draco climb into his lap. Slightly surprised at the small bundle of limps in his lap, he didn’t protest as Draco squirmed in his lap. It was then that the eldest noticed his son had shed himself of his briefs and was rubbing his bare ass against his groin. Once situated with Lucius half-hard dick sandwiched between the boy’s butt cheeks and his legs on either side of Lucius’, Draco leaned back and tucked his head underneath the elder’s chin. Looking down the boy’s chest, Lucius’ eyes settled on the small rigid penis. It was leaking drops of pre-cum and was slightly red. Taking his eyes away from the petite dick, Lucius reached around his son and began “reading” some of the papers on the desk. Draco said nothing as he worked, but began to lightly trace patters on his father’s forearm with his fingertips. Unknowingly, Lucius’ hand dropped to the space between his son’s spread legs and began to fondle his tiny sacks. His fingers slid between the two globes and pressed gently at the spot behind them, sending his son into spasms. The boy’s clutched at his arm and rocked back onto Lucius’ cock. It was then that Lucius’ finally realized what he was doing and gasped. Dropping the papers, he brought his hand to his son’s nipples and began to gently twist them.

“Yes…Daddy…” Draco moaned softly. Lucius was incredibly hard by that point, his cock pulsating between Draco’s rump. Thrusting forward, Lucius tried to get more friction, but he could only gently rub against the pert ass. He began to shove harder. “Daddy…your penis!” Draco exclaimed his eyes wide as they looked up at Lucius. With all of his thrusting, Lucius had caught the tip of his cock just passed the rim of his son’s anus. He could feel the rim contracting around his dick, attempting to suck his cock further into the small body. The anal cavity was large and slick, and considering the fact Lucius hadn’t prepared him Draco had been playing with his drumsticks again.

Pulling the boy’s head back against his shoulder, he whispered huskily, “Draco, do you want Daddy’s penis to fill you like your drumsticks?”

The boy blinked at him for a second, before nodding slowly. “Yes.”

Smirking slightly he said, “Come on then, son.” Tenderly lifting his son off of his cock and setting him on his feet, Lucius stood from the chair and was almost about to stuff his member back inside of his trousers when a small hand gripped it firmly. Moaning, Lucius looked down into his son’s blue eyes.

“I like it, Daddy. It’s big and it probably has more of the stuff I eat than my own penis.” Draco said, albeit a bit shyly as he reached his other hand to play with himself.

“You eat what comes out of this?” Lucius asked as his hand went to join his son’s at Draco’s groin. He pressed his palm into the small organ, eliciting a squeak from the boy.

“Yes, Daddy. I try to eat as much of it as I can from the sheets and walls. Do you think I could eat yours?” Draco asked rubbing his groin into Lucius’ hand.

“Of course.” Suddenly impatient, he removed his hand from his son, he picked him up into his arms and walked out of his study and to the bedroom.

Once there he deposited the boy gently onto the elegant bed and pulled of his own pants. Draco stared at his crotch with fascination obviously not recalling much from the previous clandestine meeting. Lucius stood still as the boy reached a surprisingly steady hand to the older man’s balls and slowly began to burrow his fingers into Lucius pubic hair as if searching for treasure. Finding one of Lucius’ tightly hanging sacs, he seized it and began to slightly pull at it. Letting his son play with his genitals for the moment he divested himself of his of his shirt. Once bare he slowly extracted his son’s hand that had found its way to his crack and was busy brushing over his opening. In one swift movement he tugged his son’s shirt over his head.

Giving himself a moment to appreciate the sight of the small erect body before him, he pushed him down so that he was lying on the bed. Climbing in, Lucius pushed his son’s knees apart and rested his hands on each side of the other’s head. To Lucius, Draco didn’t look scared rather he looked like he was enjoying himself. Hovering over him, Lucius attached his mouth to the slim column of Draco’s neck and began to lick and suck at various spots.

“Daddy…” Draco murmured as his small hands gripped at his shoulders and legs wrapped around his waist. It was pleasant feeling the tiny body below him press into him, the tiny cock rubbing against his belly button. Moving his body further up, Lucius aligned his groin with his son’s and began to slowly rock his hips forward.

“Does that feel good, son?” Lucius asked as he held the boy closer and started to hump faster against his son.

“Oh! Yes!” Draco screamed.

The stimulation that came from feeling the elfin cock touching his own, sent shivers up his spine. In no time he felt spurts seed coming from the boy’s dick.

“YES DADDY!” Draco screamed as he came, his whole body stiffening. Lucius continued to rock into him until his son had finished his orgasm. Picking himself off of his son, he moved to lie on his back beside the little one. His crotch and lower stomach was covered in the quickly drying semen, and it surprised him greatly when he felt a warm body straddle his legs and a tongue lap at his matted pubic hair. Lucius groaned as he watched his son eat his own ejaculation, his still hard cock twitching every time Draco swiped at it. Moving his legs apart, his son climbed between them. Sitting up and reaching into the drawer beside the bed, he pulled out a tube of lube and flipped the lid open.

“Suck on daddy’s cock, baby.” Lucius said before he gave the small mouth a sweet kiss, his tongue invading the minute space. His wet muscle could barely fit inside of that warm chasm, but it let him feel almost every contour of the boy’s mouth. Drawing his mouth away and breaking the thin string of salvia that connected their lips, Lucius pointed to his cock. “Take my penis into your mouth, sweetie. Suck.” Eagerly Draco positioned his head right above the weeping dick and made a swipe at the head with his tongue. “Mmm…” Lucius moaned as the teeny muscle enthusiastically licked at him. Squirting some of the lube into his hand, he urged, “Come on, son, fill your mouth with my penis.” Draco could only fit a small portion of his dick into his mouth, barely a third, but it was perfect to Lucius. The boy suckled at his cock like a baby with its bottle. “Just like that, baby.”

Lucius then brought his lubed hand to Draco’s plump ass that was sticking up and slowly slithered one of his slick fingers down the crack to the slightly stretched hole. Draco mewled in surprise as Lucius traced his rim, wetting it, and then slowly inserting his finger in. Draco’s little opening was tight and it literally pulled his finger deeper.

Lucius growled as Draco’s young mouth sucked in earnest at his penis while he slowly finger-fucked the youth’s anus. A nimble tongue traced the top of the vein on the underside of his cock making him squirm in an attempt to hold his orgasm back. Pushing another finger into his son’s ass, Lucius lightly thrusted up trying to get the little one to swallow more of his dick. Lucius pushed in another and another, until all four of his large fingers were inside of Draco’s ass. Digging around, he finally found that bundle of nerves that sent each and every man crazy.

“DADDY!” Draco screamed, dropping Lucius’ salvia polished cock from his red lips. Grinning and without removing his hands from the tight anus, Lucius guided the boy closer. “Ugg, please…Daddy…”

With one final shove, Lucius encased his hand inside of his son’s body. Draco gave out a yell of pleasure and thrust back, his ass greedily eating at the intruder. “Do you want my cock, Draco?” Draco gripped onto Lucius’ shoulder, nodding frantically as Lucius’ big hand twisted inside of him. “Good.”

Quickly dragging his hand out of the now stretched and slick anus, causing the boy to thrash about, and pushed the boy onto his back. Lucius spread Draco’s legs and lifted them slightly so that he could see that glistening hole winking back at him. The opening was quivering and leaking lube down the pale boy’s ass, but Draco didn’t seem to notice for he was to focused on Lucius’ large penis.

“Daddy, please…” Draco begged, his hand drifting towards his dainty cock.

Lifting the legs up farther so that they wrapped around his torso, Lucius gripped his own erection and positioned it outside the boy’s anal cavity. Licking his lips Lucius plunged forward, his cock piercing the small body below him.

“AHH!” Draco howled as the thick and rigid organ stretched his walls, immediately hitting his prostate.

For Lucius the sensation was beyond his wildest dreams. He had his penis surrounded by the body of his son, and his muscles were contracting nicely around his dick. “That’s it, baby, take Daddy’s cock.” Lucius growled as he pulled out and stabbed the boy again with his erection. He grasped the small erection in his hands as he forcefully thrusted in and out of Draco, and jerked him off.

“Unnn…” In no time, Draco’s cock was twitching in his hand and he was spurting seed between their bodies. Not coming when the muscles tightened around his penis and unwilling to stop when his son came, Lucius continued to pound into the boy. He thrust in and out, in and out…the body below him limp and unresisting.

“Come on, baby, milk me of my semen.” Lucius growled, his eyes locked with his son’s.

With one final plunge, his ejaculated, his sperm filling his boy’s anus. He continued to weakly thrust as he waited for his penis to totally empty. Catching himself before he collapsed on Draco, he pulled his cock out and untwined the legs that were around him. He laid back and stared at his son’s hole, watching as the expanded hole dripped streams of cum.

“That was good, Daddy.” Draco’s soft voice worked its way through he clouded mind. Draco lifted himself onto his elbows and gazed at Lucius for a moment before asking, “But aren’t your going to clean me?”

With a gentle smile, Lucius pulled the boy to him and positioned his face right by the rim of his anus. Slowly he licked the boy clean, his tongue delving deep inside of him, and ate away at him inside and out…

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